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prize winning columnist and best selling author tom friedman. >> what worries me about america today, charlie, is that we are produces suboptimal solutions to all our big problems. whether it is called health care. whether it's called financial regulation, whether it's call debt, whether it's called energy and climate. where asa because it has an authoritarian system run by engineers, not lawyers, can actually order through awe tore -- author toreian means in many case morse optimal solutions. >> rose: we turn to the middle east with two respected experts and authors eugene rogan and stephen cohen. >> people in the arab world who have continued to really hope to see a new dawn where they might take command of their own future and what not are finding themselves more powerless than ever. and there's a deep sense of malaise particularly after the war in iraq. that really has been radicalizing politics. making people feel like they could actually make a difference with the ballot. >> the united states needs to say to the world we have to solve the problem of our continuing confrontation
it puts america in harm's way. >>> the cia operated a number of secret prisons overseas where it interrogated terror suspects. one of them was lithuania. to keep it secret the cia built a prison inside this huge horse barn. eight suspected eight high valued al qaeda suspects. >> they included various forms of torture, including sleep deprivation, painful stressed positions. >>> it's now if 9/11 mastermind was imprisoned here. officials say he was moved out of the secret prison in poland just before this facility opened. >>> kathleen sebelius says new recommendations about mammograms won't change government policy. women do not need routine ma'am grom until they are 50 and then every two years. she says american women don't need to change. >> do what you always done. talk to your doctor. figure out your own health situation with your doctor and your family history. >> sebelius denied charges that the panel recommendations were by politics. >>> sarah palin is taking middle america by tour. getting a rock star welcome on the first stop of her book tour. thousands of supporters wa
stoy, we take you to dided town on the west ba where america settlers say they feel under attack. thpalestinians say they are rced to do witut. >>> and throughout europe toda the talk is all about the world p and a missed ca that h ance celebring and ireland outrag. and the peter g. pet >> from the world's leadg reports and analysts, here's at's happening from around t world. this is orldfocus." major supporhas been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g.eterson foundation, dicated to promoting fiscalesponsibility and addressing keyconomic chalnges facing america's future. and addition funding is ovided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and od evening. i'm dalj dhaliwal in new york. presidt obama had a tough new message today foroth north korea and iran, tling them to sce back their nuclear programsr face the consuences. the present made his remarks in south korea, the last stopon his week-long ip to asia. once again, he sa things could improve for north korea and iran if they act. tonight's le focus,eook at what the president had to say, folwed by analysiof his la
>>> making news in america this morning. >> preside obama wraps up his trip to china and heads on to korea where a whole new series of issues await. >>> government site meant to track stimulus raises anger on capitol hill. >>> it's wednesday, november 18th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. president obama has wrapped up his visit to shy by inviting hu to visit the zblus the president heads off to confront new challenges in korea. >> reporter: president obama enjoyed a final test of china as he wrapped up three days of meeting with communist leaders. the president's discussions have been wide ranging, climate change, north korea nuclear issues, human rights and the economy. >> a relationship that used to be focused just on economic and trade issues is now expanding to deal with a whole hosts of global issues in which the u.s. cop operates. >> reporter: the president now heads to south korea. the fourth and final country where demonstrators are awaiting his arrival. these are the first protesters that he's encountered on the trip. >> translator: i cannot repress
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.d. america"? he sat in that church for 20 years. it still amazes me that that was not a bigger issue in the campaign. >> it should of been a bigger issue because i think it was indicative of some of the "tolerance" of the candidate in terms of hearing a message and being fed things that are not good for our country. sean: is the president more radical than he let on? do you think the president is radical? >> i will not hesitate that his associates have been extremely radical. we've seen that in some of the appointments that he has made. again, i think it is unfair to the electorate for a candidate or a campaign to hesitate in calling someone out on what the record really represents. greta: governor palin drew huge crowds during the campaign and guess what, she is doing it again. people are lining up to see the governor. our record producer is in michigan, where governor palin launched her book tour today. >> we are on location in grand rapids, where thousands of people as early as 9:00 p.m. last night stood on line to get their copy of "going rogue." >> i waited all day to get them.
, they come from all across america, far from home now, 130,000 men and americans -- men and women serving in iraq. coming up, a look of the bravest. the soldiers will tell you their story in three minutes. one airline is in the middle of damage control. one man in the cockpit was told that he was too high a fly. trace: afghanistan has been getting most of america's attention lately as the president decides on sending reinforcements. there are still 130,000 american men and women serving in iraq. as of yesterday 4362 united states troops have been killed in operation iraqi freedom. 16,000 single mothers were serving in iraq and afghanistan at the end of 2006. the average age of u.s. troops in iraq is 26. accordingly that was also the average age for u.s. casualties. molly is live at a u.s. military base in eastern baghdad. >> i am not far from soder city, this is one of the few places you will still find american troops inside of the city after the 30th. they are still getting used to their new advisory non-combat role. >> today's mission for charlie company is providing protection for a c
general motors and chrysler? governments don't own big companies in america. what ruptured? what ruptured is the concern that there is way too much in spending and to be fair, it's not the president's fault. but when you say -- and the combined the billions of dollars, there is one huge massive spending and as a stimulus package. . >> what happens is the republican party has a lot of troubles. we put on the brakes and send a missile. that was to park. -- that was too far. many private people said there will be a bill and we're better off negotiating in good faith because there is going to be a bill. what is going to happen is this possibility, which is the a.m .a is there because they thought they would get a deal. if it does not get fixed, i do not know where they will be. hospitals are there because they said they would have 9066%6% coverage. >> why do you think the industry support did not translate into republicans support? >> we're down to 170 boats. at 177 votes, the sport gentleman in new orleans. ok, we could lose that seat. at 177 seats, there are not a lot of seats you can lose.
think it's important that we clear up the confusion that's probably out across america. women are at kitchen tables trying to figure out now what is their next step. i think the next step is what they've always done, which is certainly take a look at the guideline recommendations but then have a conversation with your physician because the individual case history, the individual family history, what your body type is, what your background is is the best indicator of how often you should have this very important screening technique, a mammogram, and how frequently it should be done. >> are you telling women to ignore the recommendations of this panel? >> i'm telling women to take a look at the recommendations of the panel, which are, you know, looking globally at tens of thousands of cases, but then take that information and have a conversation with your doctor. >> are you saying that women should still consider having mammograms beginning at age 40? >> absolutely. >> some people are saying that your response to the panel's recommendations are essentially throwing this panel un
and govern america from the left is failing quickly and decisively. bill crystal says our task is to minimize the damage and use the next three years to lay the ground work intelligently for a new era that can conserve prosperity and revitalize pennsylvania from the republican line. sit worth the price? >> no. i come to the point where i don't even feel that way as a republican. i think look what happened here with hasan and the response of our media and that attack at fort hood and look at that and also the way that we are looking at things internally, you know we have the chief of the staff in t$e army saying after somebody slaughtered all t$ese people diversity is your greatest string and then you go to this diverse place. tribal and ethnic diversity in afghanistan and iraq and you see that, that's really not a string strength in reality. diversity of this all over the world is endless strife and bloodshed and we're not - our democracy was born out of anglo-saxon civilization. and with democracy it's really a simple thing really. so i don't know why we have to point a bayon et to make the
thi >>> welcome back to "world news now." crime fighter john walsh has no badge but his show "america's most wanted" has brought criminals to justice when police have failed. >> walsh is driven by the abduction and murder of his own son many years ago. ryan owens goes behind the scenes to show us a side of walsh rarely seen. >> reporter: for more than two decades john walsh has been hunting the country's most dangerous criminals. >> next time i see alan white's face i want to see ours in front of it. now it's time to do some business. >> reporter: he's helped put more than 1,000 of them behind bars. >> there's a desperate serial killer on the run. >> reporter: serial killers, rapists, child abductors. >> tonight, maybe you can help. >> we've got 17 guys off the fbi's ten most wanted. >> action! >> reporter: to find out more about the tough guy in the black leather jacket, we went behind the scenes of his show "america's most wanted." we spent a full day with him on location near san francisco. >> go, "nightline," one of my favorite shows. >> reporter: he's in the bay area on the trail
with an 18-year-old muslim convert who experts say made hating america a hobby. he describes himself as an extremist on his myspace page and apparently watched al qaeda videos online. hasan has been charged with 13 counts of murder. congressman carter introduced a bill to give the victims combatant status, increasing benefits for the families of those who died. the father whose 13-year-old boy accused michael jackson of molest being him in the 1990's has apparently committed suicide. this is a photo of chandler at age 18 with jackson in 1993. police say 65-year-old evan chandler was found dead in his jersey city home with a gunshot wound to the head. it happened earlier this month but the information was only just released to the public. chandler and his son filed a civil suit against jackson in 1993, but jackson paid the family a reported $20 million to settle the case out of court. a mother charged in connection with the kidnapping of her young daughter who was found dead is apparently pregnant again. antwoineette davis is being held in isolation at a north carolina jail. the body
♪ . >> the white house wants to bring spain's green jobs program to america, will that also bring a depression level jobless rate like they have in spain right now? plus, is this the answer to state's budget woes? >> oh. >> voters giving a huge thumbs up to cashing in on sin at the polls this week. will taxing pot and gambling solve america's money mess? all that and a win for new jersey, but a loss for america? >> there is more for you to do. there's more for all of us to do. >> john corzine out of the governor's mansion in the garden state. will the next job be in the white house, where he can bring his record of soaring taxes to all 50 states? your money, your life, your show to stay ahead of the game. cashin' in starts right now. >> a fox news health alert as the house battles over its health care bill, we're learning the senate's plan makes uninsured americans wait up to since months before getting medical treatment. since months. if those same americans can get help immediately right now. why change the system? hello everybody, i'm cheryl casone and welcome to cashin' in. our cashin' in
. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. du >> julie banderas is up next with "fox report." see you later. >> julie: major new developments in the pursuit of justice for the victims of 9/11. some amazing crime video ugove to the see to believe -- you've got to see to believe. all that glitters is gold i'm julie banderas. we're live, as "fox report" tonight. controlling nukes. president obama on a major foreign policy trip and pushing hard for new treaty to rein in the threat of nuclear war. are we on the verge of major arms control break-through? plus, new fall-out from the white house's decision to try to alleged 9/11 mastermind and four other accused con sp -- conspirators in new york courtroom. the attorney general insists it marks a significant step forward in closing gitmo and making terrorist answer for the killing. critics saying new york city so brutally attacked that september morning is no place for the mass murders to see american justice. plus -- >> it's unthinkable that so many would die in a hail of gunfire on a u.s. army base in the heart of texas. and that
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in america today? it is all about jobs. have you seen any good news? patti ann: the convicted d.c. sniper john allen muhammad is scheduled for execution tonight. >> we will always have the loss of our brother and the scars of what we have had to deal with. at this point, it's time to pay the debt to society, not just for dean's death, but for many other deaths and injuries that he caused. hhm@ú@@!p can your body wash nourish this deeply? the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some of what medicare doesn't... so you could save up to thousands of dollars... in out-of-pocket expenses. call now for this free information kit... and medicare guide. if you're turning 65 or you're already on medicare
.com. >> what makes us an engine for the economy? plants across america. nearly 200,000 jobs created. we see beyond cars. and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the senate geared up today for the real battle over health care reform. democratic leaders hoped to get their new bill to the floor-- nearly 10 months after the process began. "newshour" health correspondent betty ann bowser has our lead story report. >> this is a big bill it affects everybody in america. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid and fellow democrats edged closer today to moving a 2,000-page health care reform bill to the floor for debate. >> we all acknowledge this legislation is a tremendous step forward. >> reporter: reid unveiled the legislation last night with final cost estimates from the
security. wendy r. sherman: it's crucial that america become energy independent. jackie rodgers, jr: i saw firsthand how america's dependence on foreign oil threatens our national security. terron sims, ii: stop sending our dollars overseas to be used against us. jonathan powers: america must reestablish itself as a country that leads by example. general wesley clark: we need to repower and there's no better time to do it then right now. announcer: add your voice at >>> i'm julie boorstin with your cnbc market wrap. dow trading down 110 points. s & p 500 down 17 points, nasdaq down nearly 39 points. >>> new numbers show jobless claims were unchanged last week while the number continuing to claim benefits dipped. the labor department says first-time claims for jobless benefit were 505,000, the same as the previous week, however, the number of those continuing to claim benefits dropped by 39,000. >>> oil prices tumbled today following a global selloff of equity markets, oil dropped $2 to settle below $70 a barrel. >>> aol plans to cut the workforce by one-third in th
's name. welcome to bbc world news. coming up later, no windows, no crew, america's latest pirate fighting machine. the subway passenger turned out to be a very lucky woman. >> he honored the memory of the dead in public and private, speaking their names and telling their stories as he denounced the twisted logic that led to their death. the u.s. president speaking in fort hood, texas at a memorial service for those that were shot. hasan is accused of the attack. president obama offered personal tributes for the way the victims lived and a service to their country. ♪ >> let's cross to washington, our special correspondent has more. >> before president obama spoke, the army chief of staff said that this of violence was unimaginable. he said it was a kick in the gut for america's armed forces. president obama's tribute was short and simple. this was not the place to look at the motivation of the shooting. he chose to characterize the spasm of violence. >> it might be hard to comprehend the twisted logic that led to this tragedy but this much we do now -- no fath justifies these murderous a
don't think that young mothers with infant children should be deployed. this is america. and this is our cheese. kraft singles. american cheese. only one nation could create it. and that nation is... america. a nation of dreamers. try harders. doers. try doing this with roquefort. it's made with milk. never oil like some other slices. it is the culmination of the american dream. all wrapped up in individual slices. kraft singles. the american cheese. >> an army specialist nist deployment to afghanistan because child care plans fell through, has been ordered to remain on a military base tick. >> it was one thing after another. she stressed out to the point where she was ready to do bodily harm to yourself. the last we heard was that they were going to send her to afghanistan for a special court martial. i could not grasp that. i did not understand. >> the specialists lawyer says her client was not trying to avoid the plan. -- avoided the plan -- deployment. >>> a babysitter says he put the child to bed and took a shower, and when he got out, the child was hundred gauntle
. and 1300 are secretly checking email on a vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> happy friday, everybody. the boj upgrades its assessment of the economy. >> i'm becky meehan in europe. we have our first president in europe, but who is herman van rumpoy. >> and i'm matt nesto. the u.s. is standing behind tim geithner as treasury secretary as congressmen call for him to resign. >> let's take another economic on some of the action. the ftse cnbc global 300 index is still higher by 7 points. .17%. the europon bourses are still gaining a bit of ground. the ftse is now higher by .75%. almost .7% higher for the dak and the cac is not far behind. the smi is still moving higher, but just high of .5% higher. now, in the forex markets, it looks like this. we are watching dollar/yen at 88.85. the euro and sterling both losing a little bit of ground agai
be accountability. >> julie: he was thousands of miles away from the devastation that he unleashed in one of america's darkest hours. now the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11 coming in chains to one of the places bearing his destructive footprint. khalid sheikh mohammed and four of the alleged coconspirators in the 9/11 attacks will stand trial in new york city. these five men facing prosecution in downtown manhattan, a short distance from where the four coordinated attacks that day claimed the most victims, the twin towers. the obama administration adamant trying the terror suspects on american soil is best option in renouncing the decision, u.s. attorney genre rick holder saying he's confident forgoing military tribunals for civilian courts will render the same level of justice, but plenty of critics worry about the possible ramifications. michael mucasey former attorney general under president bush and listen to what he said in an exclusive interview with fox news earlier today. >> the big picture is what's at stake, trying them in the wrong place, under the wrong circumstances in the wrong for
future problems in iraq. 5:26. 51 degrees. you are watching 9 news now. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> the war in afghanistan. president obama is said to be looking at four possible strategy options for the war. >>> welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning, a holiday for many in the area. it is veterans day of course angie will have the traffic in a moment. let start with howard and the forecast. rainy one. >> it will be a cloudy, damp, raw kind of day and with the winds from the northeast we will watch the water levels rise. coastal flood watch for thursday and
be the most symbolic weed-choked lot in america. it used to be michael christophero's middle class neighborhood until the city of new london used eminent domain laws and bulldozers to force his parents and dozens of other families out to make way for a private development. the city argued a five-star hotel, condos and an office park would lure jobs. according to internal documents and new london's former mayor it was also a plan to please pfizer which had been lured to this hard luck town with huge tax breaks and big promises. >> they had essentially had the plans all laid out. >> reporter: while most took cash settlements to leave, seven families fought it all the way to the supreme court, and lost. >> i hope they're looking back at this today and realize their decision was wrong. because this is a well-formulated plan right here. empty fields. >> reporter: the recession killed the development. and in a cost-cutting move, pfizer is now abandoning this site. and while many here say the government and the company deserve equal blame, pfizer claims it had no stake in the outcome of t
and bank of america were in danger of collapse. has the obama administration done a better job based on what you've observed? how would you rate the secretary of the treasury geithner's handling of the program so far? >> i think our criticism of the prior administration, in particular then-secretary paulson was being less than transparent. in saying that the banks were healthy when he had his own private concerns about individual banks -- in coming out and saying that they were healthy was a lack of transparency. it also created unrealistic expectations. it created the expectation that the financial institutions would return to lending. which we see is not happened. and that was our criticism there. and i think in many ways our criticisms about transparency continue. secretary geithner have done some good things and they adopted our recommendations of posting all the contracts and agreements involving the t.a.r.p. up on the web with the stress tests and releasing information was positive. but in other areas they've been deficient and i think in particular in requiring t.a.r.p. recipi
for america, bad for iraq. we have seen 1.5 million iraqi refugees. a quarter of a million syrians refugees. when they were bombarding lebanon in 2006, 625,000 lebanese refugees fled into syria. we are overwhelmed by this crisis. we pleaded with the bush administration, don't go and start yet another war in our region, yet another crisis in our region. today according to the united nations there are 4.2 million iraqi refugees displaced in our region. this is the largest exodus in the history of mankind. it's a tragic thing that has befallen iraq. it's bad for america, it's bad for syria, it's bad for everybody. this is what i'm saying. >> one point here which is remember what you just did in here. general odierno did not say, did not accuse the government of saudi arabia or jordan or turkey, all of whom have very long borders with serious -- with iraq, did not accuse the government of stopping the flow of jihadia. he accused one government and that the government of syria. >> i present official government. we are working with the government of the united states of america on security. secon
p uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi wip. >>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, november 18th, the end of war? president obama says he wants the war in afghanistan over by the time he leaves the white house. >>> and touring asia. he reunites with a brother who then talks to us. >>> and the morning after the uproar about new mammogram guidelines. our doctors tell you exactly what they think you should do. >>> red-handed. the woman caught on tape. police say she was frying to kill her husband not once but three separate times. >>> and speaking of tape. that college soccer player finally talks about this moment. >>> and janet jackson, for the first time on learning her brother had died. >> what do you miss most about him? >> a "gma" exclusive. >>> and welcome, everyone. good morning to you. diane sawyer with robin roberts. and we'll show you the site of air force one leaving beijing, china, the end of the president's trip in china. while you were sleeping, we hope. heading to south korea due back home tomorrow afternoon, of course, to bring every
. flight plans are being processed manually. much more on this story as it's breaking news here on "america's newsroom this morning." glenn: gretchen: new unemployment claims 5rbgs 05,000 people filing for first-time jobless benefits. the labor department says that is unchanged from last week. october's official unemployment rate was 10%. last month, 15.7 million people were out of work. bill: another big story is healthcare and the debate continues later today and senate democrats will unveil more of their final healthcare reform bill, and the cost, $849 billion over ten years. that, however, is not the whole story. not by a long shot. good morning, everybody. busy thursday here. ima bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom . harry reid claims it will cut the deficit by $127 billion and those numbers mean one thing to democratic colleagues, a bill now that can pass the senate. >> >> a $127 billion deficit reduction, 94% coverage of people equals 60 votes, and we're going to get there. bill: here is the big question after that -- how can a bill that cost $847 billion possibly save $127 b
economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. i think we are living a more simple life, a more authentic life. we get our books from the library now. not going to the movies as much. we're not eating out as much. we have to save money where we can. at giant, we know that saving money is important. with holiday rewards, you can now earn points good for up to 20% off a future shopping trip every time you use your card. i'm saving money, and i'm getting something back. and that works for me. >>> elementary school in massachusetts kicking santa claus out of christmas. the school run as holiday gift shop, fami
the government will provide. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. dunne wherever you are. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. toppling the news, president obama right in the middle of a tour of asia and assuring the u.s. will not be cowed by north korea. we'll have a live report from singapore. >> and the attorney for the fort hood shooter wants his client to get a psychiatric evaluation. the attorney says mental responsibility will be a crucial issue here as many of those killed at fort hood are laid to rest today. >> gregg: it could very well be the next trial of the essential. yesterday we learned that the five men suspected of playing vital roles in 9/11 terror attackss will now stand trial in manhattan. yards from where the twin towers fell. eric holder insisting the case is rock solid. some view the of as politically and legally risky. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on that. >> molly: attorney general holder says this can work. they can try these terrorists and he is not worried about th
world leaders that america is still an economic player. >> 1 news sunday morning starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy] >> hello and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm deborah wiener. first a look outside with meteorologist john coinls. hey, john. >> a little different out there, warmer, not raining. >> yes. >> there might be a couple of patches of fog and all, but our temperatures now are where they were yesterday morning at this time. the big difference is that there's no moisture in the atmosphere. >> yes, thank you. >> so let's take a look outside at our h.d. doppler radar, and, you know, the proof is in the pudding. yesterday, there were still some sprinkles and a little drizzle and a couple of spotty showers around the area with most of the rain up in new england, a lot of rain up in new england. well, this morning it's still raining in new england, but we've shaken most of the cloud cover. again, there may be a few patches of fog and here there. temperatures are solidly in the 50's around the region, a few suburban
by investing in a clean energy future. now is the time to repower america. add your voice at >>> i can't hear you. saw your mouth moving but couldn't hear you. >> this is a story that makes you say -- >> no way! >> this old, elderly man earned the nickname the geezer bandit. he's now responsible for holding up five san diego banks since the summer. the man appears to be in his 70s. in one robbery, he actually carried an oxygen tank. officials say the most recent robbery was monday when he approached the bank of america teller, showed her a gun and asked for that cash. the geezer bandit fled on foot and he is still on the loose. >> tamron, have the sex offenders taken christmas away from some kids? s you know, for 55 years, whenever children write to santa at the north pole, the u.s. postal service gives a response. the postal service is now putting in some changes after a postal worker, who was also a registered sex offender, was discovered being involved in this issue. the postal service insist it's will still have volunteers who will write letters back to kids, but
the nasdaq lower, that was bank of america, merrill lynch downgrading a number of chip stocks. the bleeding continues in the semiconductor index there. look at some of the internal names within the index. we're looking at intel. again, big loser yesterday. was down 3.5% to 4% yesterday. getting back another two-thirds of 1% today. however, let's end on a high note here. let's talk about zoomies. lots of talk about retail sales. teens, maybe a little younger than that, how these companies are doing as we approach the holidays. zumiez gave a good outlook from a margin standpoint. that stock off to the races today. up better than 10%. let's go to sharon at the nymex. >> we can blame the dollar for the losses we saw today in the oil complex. we are looking at december futures that are under $77 a barrel. they have expired now. january is the front month. it is below $78 a barrel. but the one part of the complex that got a bit of a bid today is the gasoline market. and that was because of the valero closing one of the large plants on the east coast in delaware city. a 210-know-barrel-per-day cit
of the forecast when we return. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> it is 6:29. if you haven't seen this video you definitely want to check it out. that was a meteor caught on tape. there it is again. it was spotted over utah early wednesday morning. astronomers think it is part of the leonid meteor shower and got off course. the flash was seen from california to idaho. >>> thanks for joining us this thursday morning. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with the forecast. that was some kind of video, right, howard. >> they said it is going 80,000 miles an hour and a spectacular l
accused terrorists in the united states of america. but did eric holder make his case? you be the judge. brian? brian: how dumb can some criminals be? >> christmas came early for us today. yeah. back to the show. brian: they won't be opening up any presents this year. you won't believe how they got busted. our slogan from george in pueblo, colorado. when i get up to face the day, it's "fox & friends" that lights my way. steve: nice. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. afghanistan's president hamid hars i didn't -- karzai has been sworn in. in his inaugural address he said his security forces should take the lead in the fight against insurgents. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the inauguration. before the ceremony she called on karzai to take accountability for his government. president obama headed back to washington. his last stop this morning, south korea, where he met with the country's president. among the issue, no
new york, good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bret: next on "special report" the president sits down and discusses unemployment, fox news, his critics and more. eric holder takes fire over the administration's position on guantanomo detainees and senate democrats get the price tag for their healthcare reform legislation. i'm bret baier in washington, and this is "special report." fox news talks with president obama. here are a few of the headlines you will hear tonight the president says americans could lose confidence in the economy and have a double din recession and says they will mott make the deadline for closing guantanomo bay detention facility but says it will be closed sometime next year with cooperation and says america does not have the kind of partner we would like in afghanistan and insists building new settlements does not contribute to israel's security. here is senior white house correspondent major garrett's interview with the president in china. >> mr. pr
the race for subsidies and giving incentives to reduce barriers to trade between europe and america. please, do let us jointly work for a global economic order that is in the interest of both america and europe. ladies and gentlemen, the global challenges can only be met by comprehensive international cooperation. it's also true for the third great task we need to stand in the 21st century. the war that seemingly separates the present and the future. this war prevents us from doing what is urgently necessary to preserve the basis of our very life and climate. we can already see now where this wasteful attitude falls. icebergs are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true ther
thanksgiving day parade end up. so macy's, the biggest department store chain in america, this is their flagship store. and we will see who comes in at 5:00 a.m. eastern time in new york and there will not be sobriety checks tt at the door. >> matt, you know what it's like to get up early. why would you get up to be there at 5:00, you would have to get up at 4:00. why would you do that? it's a question for the ages, roscoe. it used to be the low end retailers, but now it's becoming mainstream. if you're not in and up early, then you're out. i understand top shop downtown somewhere is offering a full english breakfast to those who come in. >> if i was going to shop, i would need a full glsh breakfast before i could even think about spending some money. so we'll see. we'll see who got up that early to go shopping. right. let's find out what's happening with the currency markets. big focus today, particularly on the yen. we've got 84.82 against the dollar. it's sort of los lost some ground on that particular cross rate. and the dollar strengthened, as well. we're not quite o
it was obtained, the type of defense that will be waged. he is confident the best for america's justice system is to hold them accountable in article 3 courts. gregg: that he does not make the final decision, a judge does. one judge wrote about the real possibility that all the charges could be dismissed by a federal judge because the suspects were subject to procedures that "shocked the conscience clause " which as you know it is the standard for dismissing charges. for that reason alone, shouldn't the cases go to a military commission instead of a federal court? >> clearly, we are going to have to deal with what happens with his detention. we have to. we are an open society. the attorney general is confident he can bring a successful case against the terrorists. he also believes the best way to deal with this is with our judicial system. this is something that we have done before in terrorist cases. we have used our record before to hold terrorists responsible. this is the best way to proceed with the fact that he has. i know there is a lot of second- guessing going on, but let's wait to see
morning america." >> later on "oprah," does your man need a makeover? tim gunn is here to help. >>> there are more rumors of fighting at "good morning america." >> plus china et al.'s top shelf. philip stewart has more. good morning. >> who does not look a juicy rumor? we start with some local chatter. richard blaze is bringing his flip burger contest to chinatown. he is looking around for a third location. it could be opened by this spring. charles gibson is responding to a report in "the new york post. " it reports he is not happy that diane sawyer is taking over for him when he retires at the end of the year. he criticizes sawyer openly and often. but he fired back saying he has a tremendous respect and fondness for sawyer. any other idea is just silly. fox news is being criticized for a video it aired wallcovering sarah palin's book signing yesterday. they said there were huge crowds while she was promoting her new book. theictures were year-old video from the presidential campaign. this comes days after they apologized for using old footage of a team party crowd when repor
with barbara walters that was revealed this morning. on "good morning america." and palin's new book called "going rogue" is now going off on almost everyone that's crossed her lately. >> he doesn't have anything on me. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight" can tell you, palin-a-palooza is in full swing. in today's interview with walters, palin takes on two people who have made second careers out of making fun of her, tina fey and david letterman. >> first off i want to say how excited i am to be in front of both the liberal elite media as well as the liberal regular media. >> reporter: tina fey savaged sarah palin last year with a wicked impersonation of her on "saturday night live." in the new interview today, palin told barbara walters, she has a bit of a bone to pick with tina. >> i can see russia from my house. >> of course, i've never said that. and yet the line was blurred and i think people, because it was repeated so often, perhaps, believed that i had said such a thing. >> reporter: but palin did manage to say something nice about tina fey. >> i think she was funny, though, and i think s
be filled first. >> early on into this, we did know. >> america's biggest manufacturer says this pennsylvania plants are working overtime. >> they are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with more than 2000 dedicated people involved in getting the vaccine out the door. >> with 50 million doses ready, is coming faster, but not fast enough. >> -- there are worries that they would not be able to get the vaccine out fast enough. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> increasing clouds across the baltimore area through the afternoon and into the evening. to the west, there are showers on the doppler. even here in mid-november, these are just rain showers to the west. temperatures remain mild for this time of year. temperatures well above freezing out in western maryland and into the panhandle of west virginia. it would just be a chilly rain out there in the mountains through the evening hours. to the southwest, there is more substantial rain moving through the ohio valley, but in no hurry to move in this direction. a dry day even
and afghanistan veterans of america says more than 30,000 single mothers have served in those wars. >>> this is the "your views" question of the day. since last night you have been commenting on my facebook page about this. richelle carey, hln. we found a few comments for you. christine writes this -- elliott is calling from new york. elliott, no sympathy at all. you say she's being a coward. why so? >> caller: that's what she is. she knew what she was getting into. she took an oath. before you go to basic training, you take an oath that you will defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. this is a cop out on her part. she's a yellow belly coward and she just went in thinking she would be sent to japan or korea or germany. >> let me stop you quick. she said her mother -- she would have been comfortable serving if her mother was taking care of her child. that's what fell through. you're not buying that? >> no. that's an excuse. >> thank you for letting me stop threw to ask a question. i appreciate it. another caller. lori is calling from w
ponce settlement remained unaffected and unchanged. the president has said america does not accept the legitimacy of continued israeli settlements. we recognize that the palestinians and other arabs are concerned because israel's moratorium limit the effect of the moratorium to the west bank. these are concerned we share. as for jerusalem, the united states policy remains unaffected and unchanged. as has been stated by every previous administration which address this issue, the status of jerusalem and all other permanent that his issues must be resolved by the parties through negotiation. the united states has not accepted and disagrees with any unilateral action by either party. a jewish state of israel living side by side in peace and security within independent and viable palestinian state. today's announcement by the government of issue helps move forward toward resolving the israeli/palestinian conflict. the parties can mutually agree on an outcome that extends to conflict in reconciles the palestinian goals of an independent in viable state. let me say to all the people of th
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